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Cystic Acne before Accutane


Cystic Acne after 5 months Accutane





Laser Hair Removal - before using Photoderm/Vasculight Plus Laser

Laser Hair Removal - after using Photoderm/Vasculight Plus Laser 




Laser Vascular Lesion (face) - before using Photoderm/Vasculight Plus Laser

Laser Vascular Lesion (face) - after using Photoderm/Vasculight Plus Laser




Lyme Disease/Erythema Migrans - before Antibiotic therapy for 3 weeks

Lyme Disease/Erythema Migrans - after Antibiotic therapy for 3 weeks




Pitted Keratolysis Immersion (foot) - before Antiperspirant and Antibiotic therapy

Pitted Keratolysis Immersion (foot) - after Antiperspirant and Antibiotic therapy




Psoriasis - before topical medications

Psoriasis - after topical medications




Seborrheic Keratosis - before Electrocauterization

Seborrheic Keratosis - after Electrocauterization




Seborrheic keratosis

Seborrheic keratosis after 2 weeks




Basal Cell Carcinoma before ED&C treatment

Basal Cell Carcinoma after ED&C treatment



Bullous Lupus Erythematosis before oral and topical medication

Bullous Lupus Erythematosis after 2 weeks oral and topical medication



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